The spirit of Anne Klein fast forwards to now. We celebrate the way women live. The chaos, the beauty, the complicated<br>realities of daily life. We don’t believe there is a right way to wear something - versatility is at the core of Anne Klein - we empower women to make more inspired decisions.
I think, therefore I am a woman.  Emotional and rational.  Soft and resilient.  Strong yet empathetic.  Fiercely loyal.  A bundle of contradictions, converging in one I’m unpredictable and unique.  In a constant state of change.  In two places at once.  Present, even in my absence.  This is what makes me unequivocally a woman.  Celebrating my evolution was a revolution Untaming expectations.  The reality is far from perfect.  But I embrace that.  Being passionate is worth the chaos.  Just ask any woman you know.  So here’s to all of us.  To the changemakers, mavericks, and leaders To being the new pioneers.  To putting others first and getting farther.  To believing in beauty and ease.  in the face of next to impossible.  To major wins and tiny victories.  To believing in who we are and all we do.  To do more than we ever thought possible.  Think Like a Woman.
Who She Is. To put passion before reason, when the situation calls for it
Who She Is. To believe wholeheartedly in what you feel, but can’t always see
Who She Is. To think of others first, but give in to a little self-indulgence.
A wardrobe designed for an always-on lifestyle.
What She Loves. Timeless yet modern classics.
What She Loves. Finished, sophisticated and beautiful.
What She Loves. Easy and uncontrived.