Anne Klein Apple Watch® Accessories - Our Favorites

At Anne Klein, we love  women’s watches. The right watch can be a cornerstone piece for years to come. 

Smartwatches especially have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. They offer a ton of high-level functionality, from health information to viewing your latest text messages. 

When it comes to the smartwatch market, the Apple Watch® is one of the most sought-after. The sleek look and premium feel make it not only a functional timepiece but also an accessory that can take an outfit to the next level. 

The Apple Watch® is great on its own. But our Apple Watch® accessories can take the style even further.We carry watch bands that can adjust to fit any wrist size as well as matching protective cases.

Here are our favorite Anne Klein Apple Watch® accessories. 

Chain Link Bracelet Band

Anne Klein’s Chain Link Bracelet Band allows you to add a touch of luxury to your Apple Watch®. This band features a jewelry clasp closure with an extender link and is compatible with the Apple Watch® series 1 through 7. Choose between a classic gold and a more modern rose gold-tone. Anne Klein also offers a  premium crystals version of the chain-link band in both silver-tone and gunmetal.

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Leather Band

Leather watch bands are a classic staple that pair with just about any outfit. This leather band is the perfect modern and stylish complement to your Apple Watch® and will have you looking your best in both casual and formal outfits. Choose between a navy band with rose gold-tone metal or a white band with gunmetal detailing. 

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Ceramic Bracelet Band

Don’t sleep on ceramic watch bands. Anne Klein’s Ceramic Bracelet Band for Apple Watch® exudes excellence with glossy ceramic links. The band is available in two different sizes and gives you two stylish colors to choose from: Blush with rose gold detailing or black with rose gold detailing. 

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Enamel Link Bracelet Band

Our Enamel Link Bracelet Band for Apple Watch® features a slimmer silhouette than other options. This band elevates your outfit with a sophisticated, elegant look. The bracelet is metal with enamel-filled center links. Stick to black for a classic look or add a pop of color with blush center links. 

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Leather Scrunchie Elastic Band

Who says leather watch bands can’t be fun? This Leather Scrunchie Elastic Band from Anne Klein allows you to show off some playful style in two different colors: Black and blush. The band expands to fit your wrist, offering a comfortable yet stylish solution for your Apple Watch®. 

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Premium Crystals Mesh Band

Mesh bands are a popular choice for watches, and Anne Klein takes them one step further with this Premium Crystals Mesh Band for Apple Watch®. This stainless steel mesh band is accented with crystals to create a sophisticated and elegant look for your Apple Watch®. This watch band comes in a gold/silver tone and a rose gold tone. 

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Considered Apple Peel Leather Band

If you haven't heard about Anne Klein's  Considered Collection, it's our way of looking after the environment. Considered collection items are designed with a thoughtful approach to minimizing our environmental footprint. This Considered Apple Peel Leather Band for Apple Watch® is made of sustainable apple peel leather, offering a smart and stylish look. Keep it subtle with a black color, or brighten up your day with a red colorway. 

Marbleized Resin Bracelet Band

Anne Klein's Marbleized Resin Bracelet Band is detailed with marbleized resin links, offering both a stylish and on-trend replacement band for your Apple Watch®. The band and links come in four different color combinations: pink/rose gold, gunmetal/white, green/rose gold, and navy/rose gold. 

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Stitched Leather Band

Throw it back to another classic-style watch band with some more leather. The Stitched Leather Band from Anne Klein features contrast stitching to help your precious accessory stand out a little more. The sophisticated leather strap helps to elevate any outfit from good to great. Choose between a brown or a black leather band.

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Considered Pineapple Leather Band

Another band from our considered collection, the pineapple leather band has a textured look compared to the apple peel leather. For those who are environmentally conscious and still want a stylish band for their Apple Watch®. Get it in blue or silver.

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Premium Crystals Protective Case Cover

At Anne Klein, we have more than just bands for your Apple Watch®. For those who want stylish protection for their accessory, our Premium Crystals Protective Case Cover is the perfect option. This case accented with crystals around the edges adds a layer of sparkle and protection to your Apple Watch®. Choose from silver, gold, and rose gold.

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Elevate Your Apple Watch® Style With Anne Klein Apple Accessories

As a premium product, an Apple Watch® is not only a utilitarian piece but can also be an important accessory to elevate some of your favorite outfits. The sleek silhouette and clean appearance allow it to seamlessly integrate into casual and formal attire without looking out of place. 

With Anne Klein’s Apple accessories, you can take the Apple Watch® even further.

Whether it’s a leather band, chain link band, or a protective case detailed with crystals, Anne Klein has everything you need to take your Apple Watch® to the next level.