Anne Klein - Women Who Do: A Spotlight on Author Lara Einzig

As an innovator and a trailblazer, our namesake Anne Klein supported women not only within the field of fashion and design, but beyond its creative borders as well. She believed that extraordinary women worldwide should be highlighted and celebrated—and we do too.

That’s why we created  Women Who Do—a celebration of incredible women changing the world. The series highlights and honors women who personify and bring the Anne Klein mission to life across many different industries.

The Anne Klein mission is equal parts image and impact, and was born out of a famous quote from Anne herself:

"Clothes won't change the world. The women who wear them will." - Anne Klein

In this edition of Women Who Do, we are so excited to talk about a woman who embodies every aspect of the Anne Klein mission: Lara Einzig.

 Lara Einzig surfing

Artist, Activist, Surfer

Lara Einzig is an Australian fashion creative, photographer, author, and avid surfer. She spent 12 years working in the fast-paced and high-stakes London fashion industry for Topshop before moving to sun-soaked Los Angeles for a change of pace. There, her vision for her future took on a new course: she decided to start her own business, and launched her creative consultancy. 

Growing up in Australia, Lara developed a love and appreciation for the ocean and had an active childhood at the beach. While Lara had already discovered she enjoyed surfing, the tragic loss of her sister to suicide at a young age pushed her to develop a hobby into a passion.

Her love for surfing and the water—combined with her experiences at fast-fashion giant Topshop—led to a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, and an urgent need for action regarding the world’s oceans.

Lara is a champion and advocate of the Surfrider Foundation, whose mission is to reduce plastic in marine environments, protect the oceans, and sustain our planet’s most valuable resource.

Anne Klein X Oceanworks sustainability metrics

This devotion to a healthier planet is just one way that Lara embodies the core of what Anne Klein’s  Women Who Do is all about. Ocean-bound plastic is a serious threat—not only to the many species that call the ocean home, but to life on land as well.

Anne Klein shares Lara’s vision for a brighter, healthier future: As part of our mission to provide fashion that supports women who change the world, we partnered with Oceanworks® to create sustainable solar watches. These watches are manufactured with captured plastic recovered from our oceans to break the cycle of ocean-bound waste.

From Activist to Author

Championing environmental causes led Lara to seek out others like her. While she discovered inspiring female role models early in life, such as surfing icon Stephanie Gilmore, it became apparent to her that there were still so many other stories not being told in a sport that was traditionally dominated by men.

While there were many books devoted to the sport itself—and even some books highlighting female surfers—few explored the diversity, complexity, and depth behind the surfer. This galvanized Lara to action, and led to a culmination of her creative skills with the publishing of Women Making Waves.

Women walking on a cliff holding surf boards

Empowering Other Women to Tell Their Stories

Women Making Waves is a vivid, emotional journey that celebrates women surfers from diverse racial, ethnic, and professional backgrounds. These are women who impact their communities—on and off the water—and inspire us to do the same.

Focusing on the vulnerability and humanity behind their unique stories, Lara showcases the strength and resilience of women who live their lives with purpose—hope is an active process, and we all have a part to play in it.

Women Making Waves is an invitation for us to become equally empowered women who take an active role in the fate of ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

The book cover Women Making Waves by  Lara Einzig

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