Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend - Our Picks

When the holidays come around, we’re used to buying gifts for our close family. Our dads, our moms, our children, even our grandparents are common recipients of holiday gifts. 

But what about our friends? Is it appropriate to buy Christmas gifts for your best friend? 

We say that it is. 

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for your best friends this holiday season.


An elegant fragrance is one of the best Christmas gifts for your best friend—especially if you know the types of scents that they like. Fragrance bottles often come in smaller gift boxes as well, meaning that they’re easy to wrap (or fit inside a stocking as a stocking stuffer!) 

Anne Klein’s Fragrance collection has all of your dream fragrances. Choose a single bottle of eau de parfum or go with a fragrance gift set. Either way, your bestie will be jumping for joy. 

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Jewelry Sets

If you can’t figure out what to get your best friend for Christmas, a stylish jewelry set is never a bad idea. 

You have options here. You can pick a simple jewelry set that you know your friend will like, or you can dig deeper and pick jewelry set styles that might mean something to both of you, such as a specific stone or initial set. 

Regardless of which route you choose, our collection has something that will surely put a smile on your BFF’s face. 

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The best part about a pair of sunglasses is that nearly everyone can make use of them. They're not only stylish (when you choose the right pair) but highly functional as well. 

You've got so many styles at your disposal, too—everything from subtle frames to the  always popular cat-eye frames.No matter who you are, there’s a style of sunglasses out there that can take your outfit from good to great with a simple accessory. That’s what places a fashionable pair of sunglasses among the best Christmas gifts for your best friend. 

Our sunglasses collection has all your favorites, from the styles we mentioned above to bold frame sunglasses designed to turn heads. The sky's the limit.

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Pearls seem to always stay in fashion. They can elevate your outfits to levels you never thought possible.

We're not just talking about necklaces, either. After all, pearls don'tneed to be worn around the neck. You've got other options here as well, such as bracelets and cute earrings with pearls. Wherever your best friend prefers to wear pearls, there's an accessory out there for her.

Anne Klein’s Pearls collection has it all: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. All in various styles and designs. 

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Tote Bags 

The tote bag is equally functional as it is stylish. For days where your everyday carry exceeds the limit of a smaller bag, a tote bag can carry it all. They’re also ideal for traveling as well. Depending on the style you choose, you can dress it up for a formal event or keep it casual for a night out with the girls. 

Our tote bag collection has everything from casual quilted and nylon designs to more formal styles such as the plain black Anne Klein logo tote bag.

For the best friend in your life that prefers a more functional gift, the tote bag is perfect. 

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Put A Smile On Your Best Friend’s Face With Gifts From Anne Klein 

Christmas gifts for your best friend can be tough. How much should you spend? What should you get? 

For those who buy gifts for their friends this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with gifts from Anne Klein. Whether it’s a great smelling fragrance or a functional tote bag, you’ll see your best friend light up when they open their gifts.

Follow our  gift guide this holiday season to make buying Christmas gifts for your best friend as simple as possible this year.