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Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means: It’s time to get all of your favorite  fall fashion pieces out of storage and into your closet!

Although we love summer fashion, autumn is  just as amazing for the fashionistas out there. ‘Tis the season for  women’s denim, the right pair of boots, and loads of layers to craft eye-catching fall outfits.

However, no fall wardrobe is complete without two distinct fabric patterns:houndstooth and herringbone.

Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect  black and white blazer or simply something to spice up your closet, houndstooth and herringbone patterns are a go-to pick for autumn.

If you’re unfamiliar with these two iconic fall patterns, we can help. Learn how to differentiate between these two fabric styles—and discover some amazing pieces to pair with them. 

Houndstooth Fabric Is a Fall Fashion Staple

With one of the coolest pattern names out there, houndstooth is a popular fall pattern that remains a timeless classic. Compared to herringbone, it’s a more “active” pattern that commands attention.

Houndstooth is like checkered fabric with a twist: the corners are abstract and irregular, forming a unique and eye-catching pattern. As the name suggests, the design slightly resembles the teeth of a dog.

Originally developed by Scottish sheepherders, this style staple was mostly woven from wool and has since exploded in popularity across all fabric types.  Houndstooth has been spotted on celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna in everything from gown to jacket form, so it’s definitely here to stay.

A close-up shot of the houndstooth pattern

A close-up shot of the pattern and weave reveals the iconic houndstooth shape.

Because the pattern is bold and blocky, houndstooth pieces can add some extra shape and presence—particularly for those who are on the slimmer side.

How to Style Houndstooth

As an example of this pattern in action, we love this  Quilted Houndstooth Jacket. It’s got a serious dose of  late ‘50s and early ‘60s style when paired with black vegan leather or vintage leather gloves. Plus, pockets are a must for the adventures of a modern woman.

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Pair this charming jacket with a black turtleneck mini to complete the look, and load up on style with gold charm bracelets.

Want to stick with a classic look made modern? Pair houndstooth with  stylish black pumps or heels. For a burst of color and drama, go with our  Charleston Flat in Red.


Want your houndstooth in a form-fitting look? Go with our Stretch Mini Houndstooth Long Peak Jacket.

This black and white blazer is an office power move. It’s versatile enough to pair with tailored pants or dress down with some of your favorite fall denim.

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We also love it as an “interest” piece to give distinction and definition to other monochrome layers.

Herringbone Fabric Provides Striking Texture

The name “herringbone” is derived from the pattern’s resemblance to a fish skeleton, and its history is just as “colorful” as houndstooth.

However, when compared to houndstooth, this is an orderly pattern with a tight and rigid structure. If you’re looking for the appearance of a distinct texture, herringbone is the weave for you.

Herringbone features a zigzag pattern with a slight break between the zigs and the zags. When you look at the pattern from a distance, each zig and zag forms a peak or an arrow. The break in the pattern is what distinguishes a herringbone weave from a chevron.

This example of the herringbone pattern features a very subtle break between the lines.

Since the herringbone pattern is less dominant, it tends to be more versatile and can pair more easily with the rest of your wardrobe. For those of us who are shorter, herringbone is one of the best options for using  the science of optics to add height and length.

How to Style Herringbone

For some amazing herringbone options, let’s start with the Notched Collar Jacket With Patch Pockets paired with our matching  Herringbone Pull On Wide Leg Pants. This suit combo is an amazing option for the fall, whether you’re out to lunch with an important client or headed to the office for the day.

Jacket, $139

When you want herringbone to act as a statement pattern, it pairs best with black layers beneath to highlight the texture and structure of the weave.

To pull off a solo look with just the herringbone jacket shown above, you can effortlessly pair it with style basics you likely already have on hand in your closet. We recommend that you style it with black denim, a  black turtleneck top, and a  black boot to turn you (and your jacket) into the focus.

Don’t be afraid to branch out with your boot or booties into something more glossy: a satin-leather look with a pointed toe works perfectly with this outfit combination.

Accessorizing Houndstooth and Herringbone Patterns 

The accessories you choose to complete your look are just as important as the pieces themselves! It’s important to consider that houndstooth, in particular, is a dramatic statement weave: accessories that complement the pattern rather than steal the show are the usual go-to choice.

That said, there aren’t any  real rules to what you can pair with your pieces—after all, fashion is all about having fun. However, for some people, having a starting point can help make your shopping list a bit more manageable.

Totes for Days

For us, a black tote bag or black clutch is a must-have to pair with your houndstooth and herringbone pieces. We love our Large Tote With Pouch for just this occasion; black pairs seamlessly with a beautiful houndstooth or herringbone coat.

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This tote features plenty of interior storage for added convenience when pockets simply aren’t enough. Plus, black vegan leather is an excellent alternative to genuine leather while staying on trend. For added style points, the gold-tone hardware will pair beautifully with any gold jewelry you decide to layer with.

Alternatively, you could go with our A-Hinge Classic Tote. The fringe trim will breathe some serious life into your closet! Plus, we love the iconic Anne Klein charm detail.

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Classy and chic, this black tote bag features beautiful A-hinge and gold-tone hardware with tons of storage space—the perfect accessory to your herringbone and houndstooth pieces.

Tie your style of bag and print together with a little mystery, intrigue, and class using our  Vintage Round Sunglasses in timeless, glossy black:

We think these sunglasses create Instagram-worthy looks when you’re wearing your favorite herringbone jacket with an all-black combination as support. That said, they can easily pair with anything else in this style guide.

Layer on Some Shine

What about jewelry? We have some great picks for you, depending on the type of look you’re going for.

You can add some sparkle, character, and definition to your look with gold-tone fashion jewelry. The warmth is perfect for fall outfits that lean more towards monochrome.

One style pick we love is our  Multi Love Charm Dangle Bracelet in gold-tone metal:

Paired with black gloves, you have a standout look for houndstooth prints.

If you want to stick with the retro theme, we recommend our Blanc Faux Pearl Twisted Gold-Tone Stud Earrings to complete the look for either pattern:

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Unpierced ears? Don’t prefer studs? We’ve got you: go with our  Knot Faux Pearl Button Clip On Earrings.

Fall for Fall with Style Favorites from Anne Klein 

Fall is an amazing time for fashion! If your wardrobe is lacking in these style staples, you can find them right here at Anne Klein.

Our Fall Campaign collection is in full swing, and it features everything from trending coats to so much more—including our favorite herringbone and houndstooth picks. Plus, we’ve got more surprises on the way coming soon!

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