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Everyone loves a good sweater. They’re perfect for that in-between weather: Not warm enough for just a tee, but too warm for your winter jacket.

This is especially true regarding cardigans—the right cardigan can be a centerpiece for an incredible spring outfit when the weather starts to warm up a bit.

The question is: How do you style a cardigan?

Don’t worry: We’ve come up with some classy and stylish cardigan outfits to suit any occasion. But first, let’s talk about what cardigans are and why we love them. 

What is a Cardigan?

The cardigan is an article of clothing with a loose definition. It’s a knitted sweater with an open front, typically fastened with buttons. However, some cardigans have other means for fastening, such as zippers. 

Cardigans were traditionally made using wool—today, you can find cardigans made from several different fabrics, such as cotton or cashmere. Each fabric will have the cardigan hanging in different ways and produce different formality levels, from casual cardigans to dressier options. 

Are Cardigans in Style in 2023?

One of the best parts about wearing a cardigan is that they’re always in style.There are trendy options that feature unique designs, but the classic cardigan will never fall out of style, and 2023 isn’t going to change that!

The sheer versatility of a cardigan gives you so many different outfit options—some of which we’ll highlight below. If you’re looking for a stylish option to keep you warm in the fall with a casual outfit, the cardigan works great. If you need a layering piece under your favorite winter jacket, a cardigan is a perfect choice.

If anything, 2023 will be the year of the cardigan! 

What Looks Good Under a Cardigan?

Cardigans are one of the best layering pieces you can have in your wardrobe—they work over the top of so many different pieces you likely wear regularly!

Some of our favorites include:

  • T-shirts - Never underestimate the power of a cardigan layered over top of your favorite tee. You can elevate your casual t-shirt outfits with a cardigan (and keep warm, too!)

  • Turtlenecks - Colder outside than usual? Cardigans work wonders layered over a turtleneck. You end up with a functional and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. 

  • Blouses - Layering a cardigan over your favorite blouse can create a go-to luxurious look. It’s also great when the temperature dips and you still want to look stylish while keeping warm!

How to Style a Cardigan (Outfits From Anne Klein)

Ready to create some amazing looks with your cardigans?

To get you started, we’ve taken three of our favorite cardigans from the Anne Klein website and created six outfits that we know you’ll love!

Office Boss

Heading to the office for a big meeting? A ¾ sleeve cardigan can take your office look to the next level. 

We’re starting with the cardigan, of course: The Stretch Jacquard Tweed Piped Cardigan from Anne Klein. We’re certain you’ll feel chic in this one. 

model wearing a ¾ sleeve cardigan from Anne Klein 

For a top, you’ll want to find your favorite white or cream-colored turtleneck. Like we said, cardigans layer perfectly on top of turtlenecks!

The Pull-On Hollywood Slim Ankle Pant is our choice for bottoms—they’re fitted to flatter your natural curves and are a staple for any office outfit.

Pull-On Hollywood Slim Ankle Pant

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Lastly, no office look is complete without the right accessories. We recommend the Crystal Accented Charm Bracelet Watch for this outfit—this one gives you an easy way to add some sparkle and shine to your office outfit!

Crystal Accented Charm Bracelet Watch

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Spring Look

When the dreary winter weather fades in favor of the springtime, you need a go-to outfit, and this spring look should do it.

First, we start with the classy and elegant Monterey Cardigan from Anne Klein—the ideal sweater to build an outfit with. For this outfit, we’ll layer it over your favorite plain white tee.

Monterey Cardigan from Anne Klein

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The Plaid Extend Tab Pants are our bottoms of choice for this outfit. They have enough stretch to keep you comfortable all day while looking your best.

The Plaid Extend Tab Pants

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For accessorizing this outfit, we went with the Square Case Leather Strap Watch—specifically the green and gold-tone color. The band is the perfect spring color, and the watch brings the whole spring outfit together!

Square Case Leather Strap Watch

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Or, for Apple Watch owners, a classy new band can elevate your spring looks while keeping all of the function of your device.

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California Dreamin’

Next up, we have a “California Dreamin’” outfit. This one uses the same cardigan as above, but we’ll be layering it over a dress instead—the Long Sleeve Y-Neck Henley Dress, to be exact.

Long Sleeve Y-Neck Henley Dress

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We’ve got a specific pair of shoes this time, too! For this look, we love the Andie Boot—a western-style bootie that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Andie Boot

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Accessorizing this one is easy: We’re going with the same Crystal Accented Charm Braceletfrom our office look. 

This combination gives you an effortless look that’ll have you wishing you were down in the Golden State!

The Classics

The best part about fashion classics is that they’re timeless—trends come and go, but the classics are always there when you need them.

This classic look starts with the Petite Lace Cardigan Jacket. It’s easy to style and a dream to wear, with a unique floral pattern throughout. We’ll keep it extra simple and layer it over your favorite white top. 

Petite Lace Cardigan Jacket

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We have the Montreal Satin High Rise Side Zip Wide Leg Pant for bottoms. These pants exude effortless style and confidence while keeping you comfortable all day.

Montreal Satin High Rise Side Zip Wide Leg Pant

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We wanted to stick to the classics for accessories here as well. For this outfit, we’re going with the Elegant Rectangular Bangle Bracelet Watch. The genuine crystal accents on this watch add all of the sparkle you need to your classic outfit.

Elegant Rectangular Bangle Bracelet Watch

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When the classics are done right, they’re tough to beat. This outfit is proof!

Little Black Cardigan

There’s nothing quite like a little black dress—but what about a little black lace cardigan?

This outfit uses the same cardigan as above, except we’ve gone with the black version this time. 

black lace cardigan

We’re going to layer it on top of the U-Neck Sleeveless Shell—this one will work for everything from your office looks to nights out on the town.

U-Neck Sleeveless Shell

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Who doesn’t love a classy skirt? We’ve picked out the Mesh Flocked Dot Pull On A-Line Skirt for this outfit—it’s the ideal addition to your wardrobe with a fun and unique pattern!

Mesh Flocked Dot Pull On A-Line Skirt

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Find The Best Cardigans From Anne Klein

Looking for more incredible cardigans to add to your wardrobe? Now that you know how to style a cardigan, check out the Anne Klein collection for some of our favorite choices and create your own stylish outfits!

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