Independence: What Does it Mean for Anne Klein? - Anne Klein

Independence Day is an important day for us.

Not only do we honor the sacrifice of brave men and women throughout our history, but we also acknowledge what independence means for us—and our namesake, Anne Klein.

For us, Independence Day reminds us to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of both Anne Klein and women as a whole. 

Anne Klein’s Independent Spirit 

Anne’s entire approach to fashion (and life) can be described as independent. Her vision was unlike any other designers of her time, with the determination to change the course of fashion. 

Anne Klein’s approach to fashion was the “fully coordinated closet” —a female-centric design approach that changed how women throughout the country dress. After all, one of Anne’s most famous quotes remains, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will”. Anne helped women embrace the freedom to express themselves with clothing, whether it’s with color, patterns, cuts, or fits. 

Thanks to embracing the courage and tenacity to forge her own path, Anne's legacy lives on to this day. 

What Freedom Means Today for Anne Klein

For us today, celebrating Independence Day also means celebrating the successful women in business who embody the spirit and mission of Anne Klein.

To accomplish this, one would not have to look any further than our valued partnerships. 

Take Candice Swanepoel, for example. She’s the CEO of Tropic of C, which is an eco-lifestyle and ethically sourced swimwear company. Candice continues to forge her own successful path and break boundaries while supporting noble causes and empowering women.

"I'm honored to have partnered with Anne Klein, a brand whose values align with my own," says Candice.  "Anne Klein has a long and respected history within the fashion industry, and I'm proud to support their mission of empowering and championing women.”

Anne Klein’s initial vision and mission were all about empowering women to express their freedom and create their own paths. Today, we continue to celebrate these successful women in business and in any other venture as we move forward through the decade.

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

We’re celebrating our 55th year of style and women’s empowerment with topics near and dear to our hearts—just like this one.

Our next topic is just around the corner, so stay tuned!