Women’s Puffer Jackets - Our Guide for 2022

Despite the harsh weather, the colder months are fantastic for fashion. With outerwear in full force, your outfit options are nearly endless.

The question is: Which type of coat do you go with?

Sure, you could stick to a classic peacoat. An excellent choice for a sophisticated look. But what about if you want a light jacket?

Women’s puffer jackets are your answer.

Let’s dive into women’s puffer jackets, how to style them, and some of our favorite picks from Anne Klein.  

What is a Puffer Jacket?

The name “puffer jacket” comes from its design: Puffy sections separated by the jacket’s stitching. Also called quilted jackets, puffer jackets are stuffed with either down insulation or synthetic fibers. Either way, this design choice allows puffer jackets to remain lightweight while keeping the wearer nice and warm during the colder months. 

Compared to a heavier jacket material, such as a wool jacket, the puffer jacket provides a similar level of warmth. However, the puffer jacket will typically be far lighter, making it an ideal choice for hiking and other outdoor activities. 

Styling a Women’s Puffer Jacket 

Although the puffer jacket is often the jacket of choice for outdoor excursions, that doesn’t mean it lacks in the style department. 

Some puffer jackets are seen as overly bulky and are avoided for this reason. However, many women’s puffer jackets are designed with style in mind, being more form-fitting and fashionable. 

The women’s puffer jacket comes in a wide range of colors. You can keep it simple with a neutral black puffer jacket or spice up your outerwear wardrobe with a bolder color, such as a bright red.

Women’s puffer jackets pair well with various items that you likely have in your wardrobe already. For example, wear a puffer jacket with your favorite pair of  denim  for a classy, casual, and comfortable outfit. 

When it comes to winter fashion, layering is the name of the game. As the top layer, a puffer jacket works great over the top of your favorite hoodie. You’ll not only be feeling warm but feeling stylish as well. 

What is a Packable Jacket? 

When looking for your next puffer jacket, you’ll probably come across the term “packable jacket.”

What does this mean?

Packable jackets are essentially puffer jackets that can be compacted or folded within themselves for convenient carrying. When space is a concern, a packable puffer is a perfect jacket for the occasion. Some packable puffer jackets can fold down small enough to fit inside your everyday carry bag, and others come with drawstrings and can be carried over your shoulder like a small backpack.

Instead of taking up precious closet space at home, a packable puffer jacket can be stored in a dresser drawer or any other small space. 

Women’s Puffer Jackets From Anne Klein

Are you concerned with finding a stylish puffer jacket? Look no further than Anne Klein. Our  collection of puffer jackets offers the perfect combination of unmatched style, comfort, and warmth during those colder months. 

Here are some of our favorites.

Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket (Black)

The Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket offers durability, warmth, and simplicity with a convenient packable design. The jacket is both figure-flattering and lightweight for comfort. This black version goes perfectly over a turtleneck sweater and a reliable pair of denim for a great casual look during the colder months. 

Grab this black puffer jacket from Anne Klein for $220.00.

Black chevron packable jacket

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Hooded Puffer Coat

Nothing beats maximum comfort when the colder weather hits. This ¾ puffer offers the same warmth as a traditional puffer jacket with the added benefit of a hood for harsher weather conditions. Keep warm and comfortable without sacrificing style this Winter with our fashionable Hooded Puffer Coat.

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Chevron Packable Puffer Jacket

Like the black version, this puffer jacket offers maximum warmth, comfort, and style. However, this bright red color-way is the ideal choice to add a pop of color to your outerwear wardrobe. The jacket also features the same packable design allowing it to be conveniently stored and carried. 

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Women’s Puffer Jackets Offer Style, Warmth, And Comfort—Get Yours From Anne Klein

It doesn’t get much better than women’s puffer jackets when it comes to versatile jackets. They offer a unique combination of warmth, style, and comfort in a modern, lightweight design.

Packable versions are even better, offering a convenient design aspect that allows for simple carrying or storage.

For your next outerwear purchase, why not go with a puffer jacket? You’ll find all of the best quality puffer jackets from Anne Klein. Get yours today.