Anne Klein Apple Watch® Accessories - Our Favorites

At Anne Klein, we love  women’s watches. The right watch can be a cornerstone piece for years to come. 

And, now more than ever, they provide fashion with a function, with smartwatches giving the ability to track your steps, view your texts, and more. 

While the Apple Watch® is fantastic on its own, stylish Apple Watch® accessories can elevate your style even further. You can style your Apple Watch® with smartwatch bands that can adjust to fit any wrist size, plus matching protective cases.

What are our favorite Anne Klein Apple Watch® accessories? Picking one is near impossible, but here are a few of our favorites in leather, gold, silver and ceramic – plus the top picks for cases to keep your watch safe. 

Leather Apple Watch® Bands

Sleek leather bands go a long way when it comes to Apple Watch® accessories. They’re timeless, and they never go out of style.

Check out these classy options:

Classic Leather Band

Here’s a leather Apple Watch band® that you can pair with just about any outfit! 

This leather band is the perfect modern and stylish complement to your Apple Watch® and will have you looking your best in both casual and formal outfits. 

The best part? There are 10 different colorways to choose from!  

No matter your preference, there’s a leather Apple Watch® band that’s ideal for your tastes!  

leather band for apple watch

Get the Classic Leather Apple Watch® Band

Quilted Leather Band

Who says leather watch bands can’t be fun? 

This Quilted Leather Band for Apple Watch® from Anne Klein allows you to show off a playful flair in two different colors: Black and blush. 

The quilted texture adds some unique style that elevates the classic Apple Watch® band. Buckles in either gold-tone or rose gold-tone add the perfect accents to this already elegant Apple Watch® band.  

Quilted leather band blush

Stitched Leather Band

If quilting isn’t your aesthetic, but you’re still looking for some details on your leather band, the stitched leather band might be just what you’re looking for.  

The Stitched Leather Band from Anne Klein features contrast stitching to help your accessory stand out a little more, with a sophisticated leather strap that helps elevate any outfit. If your wardrobe is full of versatile black pieces, the black band will perfectly coordinate with your clothes. If your closet is full of earthy tones, consider the brown leather band.

brown stitched leather band for apple watch

Get the Stitched Leather Apple Watch® Band

Considered Pineapple Leather Band

Looking to reduce your environmental impact with your Apple Watch band choice®? 

Anne Klein’s Considered collection is a sustainable approach to fashion, saving the ocean one watch at a time. The Considered Pineapple Leather Band is manufactured using sustainable pineapple leather and offers a textured look.  

Proof that your love of fashion and the environment doesn’t have to conflict, this sustainable Apple Watch® band comes in blue, accentuated by rose-gold hardware.  


Get the Considered Pineapple Apple Watch® Band

Gold Apple Watch® Bands

Nothing shines with class quite like a gold-tone Apple Watch® band.

Proof that your smartwatch can also have style, styles with chain links and crystals elevate your watch from wearable technology to fashion accessory.

Chain Link Bracelet Band

If you want a classic watch band with versatility, the Chain Link Bracelet Band for Apple Watch® is a fantastic choice! 

This band features a jewelry clasp closure with an extender link and shines bright, surely turning heads everywhere you go. 

And, good news: if you like to match your metals, there is a wide of color combinations, including rose gold-tone or black and gold!  


Get the Gold Chain Link Apple Watch® Band

Premium Crystal Round Link Bracelet

We can’t get enough of the combination of gold and crystals. 

Anne Klein's Premium Crystal Round Link Bracelet effortlessly blends sophistication and charm. Crafted with metal round links and embellished with premium crystals, this gold-tone bracelet adds a hint of sparkle to your everyday wear. 

This exquisite band is not just an accessory — it’s a statement piece that enhances the look of your Apple Watch®! 


Get the Gold Apple Watch® Band

Crystal Embellished Bracelet

A stunning blend of technology and elegance, this Crystal Embellished Bracelet is a must-have! 

This exquisite band features delicate rows of sparkling crystals, adding a touch of glamour to your wrist. The metal link bracelet is designed for both comfort and style, with a jewelry clasp closure and an extender link ensuring a perfect fit.  

This accessory transforms your Apple Watch® into a luxurious timepiece, ideal for those who appreciate a fusion of fashion and functionality. 


Get the Gold Apple Watch® Band

Silver Apple Watch® Bands

If you prefer the shine of silver over the boldness of a gold band, we’ve got the answer here.

Check out these classy silver Apple Watch® bands:

Premium Crystals Mesh Band

Mesh bands are a popular choice for watches, and Anne Klein takes them one step further with this Premium Crystals Mesh Band! 

This silver-tone mesh band is accented with crystals, giving your Apple Watch® a sophisticated sparkle. The mesh pattern also adds a subtle flair — ideal for those who want a minimalist look for their Apple Watch®. 


Get the Silver Apple Watch® Band

Heart-Shaped Link Bracelet

The Heart-Shaped Link Bracelet for Apple Watch® from Anne Klein is both playful and trendy. This bracelet band features charming heart-shaped links that add a whimsical touch to your Apple Watch®. 

This band is perfect for those who love to add a touch of girly romance to their tech accessories! 


Get the Silver Heart-Link Apple Watch® Band

Round Link Bracelet

The Round Link Bracelet Band is a sophisticated addition to your tech wardrobe. 

This silver-tone band features geometric round links, adding a jewelry-like touch to your Apple Watch®. It comes with a metal link bracelet, a jewelry clasp closure, and two extender links, ensuring a watch that fits your wrist. 

Blend the functionality of your Apple Watch® with classic, timeless fashion with the Round Link Bracelet from Anne Klein!


Get the Silver Round-Link Apple Watch® Band

Ceramic Apple Watch® Bands and Other Materials

Jewelry isn’t limited to gold and silver – and neither is your Apple Watch® band.

Materials like ceramic are hypoallergenic, too — for those with sensitive skin, it’s one of the best choices. Ceramic and other materials can also help make yours look more classy.

Ceramic Bracelet Band

Don’t sleep on ceramic watch bands! 

Anne Klein’s Ceramic Bracelet Band for Apple Watch® in this pink blush color provides a beautiful feminine touch. The band is available in two different sizes and gives you three stylish colors to choose from: Blush with rose gold detailing, black with rose gold detailing, or white with gold-tone detailing! 


Get the Ceramic Apple Watch® Band

Enamel Link Bracelet Band

If the standard Apple Watch® band feels too bulky for your taste, you’re in luck with the Enamel Link Bracelet Band for Apple Watch®, featuring a slimmer silhouette. 

This band elevates your outfit with a sophisticated, elegant look, made with metal with enamel-filled center links. Stick to black for a classic look, or brighten things up with blush or white center links. 


Get the Enamel Link Apple Watch® Band

Marbleized Resin Bracelet Band

Marbleized texture pairs well with the Apple Watch®, and this band is proof. 

For a more textured look, this classy band is detailed with marbleized resin links — perfect for those who want a band with style as unique as their own. 

The band and links come in three different color combinations: pink/rose gold, green/rose gold, and navy/rose gold. 


Get the Resin Apple Watch® Band

Rubberized Link Bracelet Band

Who says only metals can be stylish? 

The rubberized link bracelet band features a metal bracelet adorned with rubberized center links, creating a modern, textured look. Available in a chic black and rose gold-tone or cream and rose gold-tone, it suits a range of styles and occasions.  

It also comes with a jewelry clasp closure and an extender link for a perfect fit. Compatible with various Apple Watch sizes, including the SE, Series 9, and Apple Watch® Ultra 2. 

Get the Rubber Apple Watch® Band

Get the Rubber Apple Watch® Band

Apple Watch® Protective Cases

Style doesn’t stop with your Apple Watch® band!

In addition to offering more ways to personalize this tech accessory, a case helps protect you from scratches and other damage. (Because scratches are anything but elegant!)

Check out these classy options: 

Premium Crystals Protective Case Cover

The Premium Crystals Protective Case Cover is case accented with crystal edges. 

Proof that you can sparkle and keep your Apple Watch® safe, this case is available in silver, gold, and rose gold. 


Get the Premium Crystals Apple Watch® Protective Case

Polished Metal Bumper

Perfect for those who want the ultimate in polished protection, the Anne Klein Polished Metal Bumper for Apple Watch® is crafted from polished metal. providing a sleek and sophisticated shield for your Apple Watch®. It's easy to attach and comes in four sizes to fit various Apple Watch models. 

Proof that you can sparkle and keep your Apple Watch® safe, this case is available in silver, gold, and rose gold. 


Get the Polished Metal Apple Watch® Protective Case

Elevate Your Apple Watch® Style With Anne Klein Apple Accessories

As a premium product, an Apple Watch® is not only a utilitarian piece but can also be an important accessory to elevate some of your favorite outfits. The sleek silhouette and clean appearance allow it to seamlessly integrate into casual and formal attire without looking out of place. 

With Anne Klein’s Apple accessories, you can take the Apple Watch® even further.

Whether it’s a leather band, chain link band, or a protective case detailed with crystals, Anne Klein has everything you need to take your Apple Watch® to the next level. 

Find your favorite Apple Watch® accessories today!