Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Always In Fashion

Sunglasses come in all different shapes: Rectangle, oval, round, the list goes on. 

One style that has stood the test of time since their introduction in the 1930s is  cat-eye sunglasses. Certain celebrities from the past, such as Marilyn Monroe, have been known to sport the cat-eye design for their glasses. A timeless yet modern design, cat-eye sunglasses remain popular to this day. 

History of Cat-EyeHREF Sunglasses

The story of the cat-eye glasses shape is an interesting one and dates back to the 1930s. After walking by an optician’s office and taking note of the boring eyeglasses shapes, Altina Schinasi took it upon herself to design a new frame based on the design of Harlequin masks. 

The designreally became popular throughout the 1950s and ’60s, with everyone from professional women to stay-at-home mothers sporting the new look. 

While the period of time between the 1970s and 2000s was a tumultuous one for cat-eye sunglasses, with most women preferring different styles, the design came back into fashion throughout the 2010s. Now, with all different types of cat-eye sunglasses available, the design is more popular than ever. 

The Shape of Cat-Eye Sunglasses 

Cat-eye sunglasses frames tend to go lighter on design details towards the bottom of the frame and get bolder towards the top, often increasing in width towards the top of the frame as well. The peak of the frame near the temples and the slight flair, however, is what actually makes the “cat-eye” design. 

Different Styles of Cat-Eye Sunglasses

While the cat-eye sunglasses of the past tend to have larger frames, more modern styles have emerged over the years featuring a more sleek and formal design while maintaining the traditional cat-eye design. However, with retro clothing and accessories remaining popular, the older, thicker-frame cat-eye sunglasses are still a popular choice. 

Ideal Face Shape for Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses tend to be a versatile design for women with all different face shapes.What matters most is choosing the right frame thickness based on face shape. 

For round faces, a bolder frame design is ideal. Sharp edges will help take attention away from a round jawline or softer facial features. 

For faces with sharper features, choose cat-eye sunglasses with a more rounded shape. These offer a balancing effect between the sharper face shape and the softness of the glasses. 

Examples of Cat-Eye Sunglasses

As we’ve mentioned, cat-eye sunglasses come in a variety of different frame styles. Here are a couple of examples from Anne Klein.

Tortoise two-tone cat-eye sunglasses

These cat-eye sunglasses sport a thicker frame and a tortoise two-tone color way. A more exaggerated style, they exude Hollywood glamour and are perfect for making a bold statement. 

Anne Klein Tortoise two-tone cat-eye sunglasses


Modern cat-eye sunglasses

These modern cat-eye sunglasses are perfect for those looking for a more sleek look. The black color way goes with nearly any outfit and can elevate your everyday look. 

Modern Cateye Sunglasses 

They also come in both regular tortoise and blonde tortoise. 


Plum cat-eye combo sunglasses

 Anne Klein Plum Cateye Combo Sunglasses

These cat-eye sunglasses feature a horn front and metal temples, offering the perfect vintage vibe. The plum color is also a great way to spice up any outfit. 



With the history of the cat-eye sunglasses design dating back to the 1930s, it’s amazing to see the design remain popular moving forward through the 2020s. 

Women of all different face shapes can find a style of cat-eye sunglasses to suit them. Hopefully, with some of the Anne Klein examples above, you can find the right pair to add to your summer wardrobe.