Oversized Sunglasses For Summer ‘21

With summer well on its way, it’s time to ensure that you’ve got all the necessary summer essentials. Summer dresses, shorts, and sandals are all great examples of must-have summer pieces. 

But what about summer accessories? A perfect pair of shades is essential once summer comes full swing. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also add that last finishing touch to a cute summer outfit. 

There aremany different styles of sunglasses available. Youcould keep it cool with a safer pair of small frame round shades if you wanted. 

But where’s the fun in that? Summer is all about fun, after all.

This summer, why not make a bolder statement with some oversized sunglasses? These larger, oversized sunglasses give off a fun and exciting vibe while tossing in a hint of 70’s nostalgia. 

The question is: Which oversized sunglasses should you be sporting this summer? 

Here are 5 of Anne Klein’s favorite oversized sunglasses picks. All of which have lenses that provide 100% UV protection.  To accessorize even further, we’ll also provide our favorite bag to pair with each pick. 

Oversized Frame Sunglasses

Make a bold statement with these oversized frame sunglasses in navy. The tortoise-shell detailing near the bridge and outsides of the frame add some unique style to the overall look of these fun oversized sunglasses. Combine these with our Lizard Mini Crossbody to spice up your look. 

Anne Klein Oversized Frame Sunglasses


Geometric Sunglasses in Blue

These glamorous geometric frame oversized sunglasses come in a variety of crystal-like colors, with the blue shade being shown here. Linear tortoise detailing and metal temples also add to the compelling design. These oversized sunglasses come with gradient lenses as well. For this pair, our  Curved Chain Print Crossbody bag will help elevate the look. 

Anne Klein Sunglasses geometric


Metal Butterfly Sunglasses

Looking to stand out even more? These metal butterfly oversized sunglasses should do the trick. Both the gold tone of the frame and the geometric butterfly shape should help you make the bold statement you’re looking for with oversized sunglasses. Combine these glasses with the  Large Curved Tote Bag for a great summer look.

Anne Klein Metal Butterfly Sunglasses


Geometric Sunglasses in Merlot

Our next color way for the geometric frame oversized sunglasses is this rose-colored version. This rose shade also has gradient lenses, linear tortoise detailing, and metal temples. Sport these with the  Bonded Curved Satchel for a glamorous and exciting look.

 Anne Klein Geometric Sunglasses in Merlot


Geometric Sunglasses in Olive

The last color way for the geometric oversized sunglasses, this olive-colored version brings a darker and more formal look. Just like the blue and rose color ways, these sunglasses have the tortoise detailing and metal temples. We suggest our   Soft Knot Tote Bag to pair with these oversized sunglasses. 

Anne Klein Geometric Sunglasses


Keep Your Oversized Sunglasses Clean 

Nothing is worse than trying to see through dirty or scuffed lenses, and oversized sunglasses are no exception. To keep them in good condition, use a special lens spray or mild liquid soap/water alongside a clean, soft, absorbent cloth. 


A great pair of sunglasses is a crucial part of any summer wardrobe. This summer, why not make a statement with a pair of these oversized sunglasses? 

Shop one of Anne Klein’s favorite oversized sunglasses and add the final touch to your favorite summer outfits.