Fashion Facts: Cork Tote Bags Are In—and Eco-Conscious

The world of fashion is always evolving—and for fashionistas seeking adventure, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Whether you’re feeling that   big brooch energy or sailing into summer on  espadrille wedges, we know that your closet is anything but dull.

However, you might be surprised to know there’s a “new” trend taking the world by storm:cork fashion.

2022 is the year for cork—but why is everyone talking about it? When people used to think of cork, they often imagined rigid pieces or tacky accessories. Fortunately for the eco-conscious, cork manufacturing has come a long way. From cork tote bags to shoes, you’ll quickly find this magical material becoming a favorite in your summer closet.

At Anne Klein, we love that cork can be used as a strong statement piece or a subtle accessory. The versatility of cork makes it an absolute powerhouse in your wardrobe.

Before we show you why cork is such a great choice for accessories, let’s dive into what cork is—and some of its eco-friendly benefits that are turning heads.

What Is Cork?

Cork comes from a tree—to be precise, it’s the sustainably-harvested bark of the Cork Oak tree. The bark from a Cork Oak is a completelyunique material; the thick and sponge-like hide has been a favorite of the wine industry for years before it reached fashion fame. Because of its unique properties, it’s been found in everything from  furniture to flooring. Cork is even being used as a plastic-free alternative for vegan leather.

Cork was eco-friendly before it became a trend and is one of the world’s oldest answers for sustainable products. The trees that produce cork are fast-growing, protected, and are sustainably harvested once every nine years throughout their 200-year lifecycle.

The material itself is incredibly durable—plus, it lasts for decades and is alsofully biodegradable.What’s not to love?

So, What about Cork in Fashion?

Cork is undergoing something of a renaissance, and we are absolutely here for it. Designers have taken this wonder material from drab to fab.

Our Cork Tote Bag in green is a perfect example of a gorgeous, sustainable swap from the typical plastic tote:

Anne Klein Cork Tote Bag

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Cork is a lightweight material composed largely of air: it makes up nearly 50% of its total weight. If you’re tired of your tote bag feeling like an anchor, you’ll love the breezy feel of a cork tote.

In fact, cork is about five times lighter than water—which makes this floatable tote the perfect accessory for your summer pursuits. We love it matched with our fierce  Faux Double Breasted Patch Pocket Jacket in Pink Pansy.

Looking for something a little more subtle? We have you covered with our Large Cork Classic Tote in Harvest or White colorways:

Anne Klein Large Cork Classic Tote in Harvest

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We think it pairs beautifully with our stylish and comfortable Impress Kitten Mule in Oat.

There’s more to love about cork; The natural structure of this amazing material resists the damaging effects of water. This natural durability makes cork a great choice for shoes, bags, and even watches—like our eco-focused Considered Solar Powered Cork Strap Watch:

Anne Klein eco-focused Considered Solar Powered Cork Strap Watch

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Being eco-conscious has never been so easy—or so stylish. Cork products are as kind to the planet as they are chic.

Cork Is an Effortless Addition to Your Style

Cork can add a little pop to any outfit or be your show-stopping centerpiece; you can easily dress it up or down. The versatility of cork will quickly make it one of your fashion must-haves.

Stylish cork accessories come in every flavor, too: from satchel bags for women to watches and beyond. Find your new favorite with the cork collection by Anne Klein.

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