The Big Brooch Energy - How Should You Wear Your Brooch?

Brooches are making a  serious comeback.

Gone are the days when an elegant brooch was reserved for women of specific ages. In 2022, current trends and styles are in full support of brooches as a fashion statement that is both radical and contemporary. 

Believe it or not, brooches have been so popular as of late that even men are joining in on the trend.  Nick Jonas’ look on  The Voice in 2021 helped to coin the term “big brooch energy”. 

Brooches are an accessory that can add as much as you want to an outfit. Depending on the style of brooch and the location that you choose to wear it, you can go bold or remain subtle—it’s up to you.

If brooches feel like a trend that you’d only ever see your grandmother taking part in, then read on. We’ll fix that. 

How to Wear a Brooch That Speaks to Your Style in 2022

One of the best parts about wearing brooches is how versatile they can be. You’ve got several styles to choose from, and you’ve also got options when it comes to where you want to place your brooch. 

On your jacket or coat

Wearing a brooch on your jacket or coat is all about adding a touch of elegance and class. It’svery front-facing, meaning that you can easily make a bold fashion statement with a brooch on your coat. 

The best placement for a brooch on your jacket is about halfway between the shoulder and the jacket opening. For coats that have lapels, placing a brooch on the lapel works best. 

Not sure which brooch you want for your jacket? This Rose Gold-Tone and Crystal Swan Brooch adds a touch of elegance and sparkle to your coat:

Rose Gold-Tone and Crystal Swan Brooch

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Do you prefer silver over gold? This Silver-Tone Orchid Brooch offers all of the same elegance and class in a different tone. 

Silver-Tone Orchid Brooch

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If a bold design is more your thing, then you can’t go wrong with the Multi Crystal Cluster Brooch. This one is sure to turn some heads as a statement piece on your jacket or coat.

Multi Crystal Cluster Brooch

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In your hair

Are you unsure if you’re ready to commit to a brooch on your jacket? Try wearing one in your hair!

You’ve got a couple options here. You could spice up a plain ponytail by adding a stylish brooch to your hair. Clip it to your hair elastic and you’re good to go. 

This Crystal Flying Butterflies Brooch is a great choice for taking a plain ponytail to the next level. The stunning pink crystals are a classy addition to your hair year round. 

Crystal Flying Butterflies Brooch

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Another option is to attach a brooch to a hair comb to have full creative freedom with style. Depending on the shape of your brooch, you can pin it directly on the comb, or you can get creative and use some thin wire (26 gauge) to attach it to the comb. 

This Faux Pearl and Crystal Flower Brooch is a solid choice for a hair comb. Who doesn’t love adding pearls to their outfit?

 Faux Pearl and Crystal Flower Brooch

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If you prefer a more subtle style, then the Yellow Magnolia Brooch is what you need. This cute brooch adds something unique to your outfit without becoming the star of the show. 

Yellow Magnolia Brooch

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If anything, 2022 has shown us that brooches can be worn on hats, belts, coats, and even in your hair. They can be the focal point of an outfit, or they can add some subtle flair without taking anything away from the main pieces. 

They’re a versatile accessory that every woman should have on hand. 

Anne Klein’s Brooch collection has all kinds of styles to suit every woman’s individual tastes. Get your new brooch today!

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