Wedding Party Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

When your wedding day finally comes around, the most important part is the people you spend it with.

We’re not just talking about your partner. We’re talking about your bridesmaids as well. 

Your bridesmaids are responsible for helping to plan and make your day as amazing as possible—so why not give them an unforgettable gift to thank them for it?

Below, we’ll look at some of the best gift ideas for bridesmaids. But first, let’s talk about the history of bridesmaid gifts.

The History of Bridesmaid Gifts

The traditions surrounding bridesmaid gifts have shifted tremendously over the years. Ages ago, brides typically paid for all of their own party expenses, meaning that gifts for bridesmaids weren’t customary since the bride covered nearly all of the costs.

Fast forward to today, and the bridesmaids are now covering most of the costs. The bachelorette party, dresses, travel expenses, and more are all covered by the bridesmaids themselves. 

As a way to show gratitude to your amazing bridesmaids for their time and effort, the idea of gifts for bridesmaids came about. Bridesmaids are typically your closest friends, and you wouldn’t want to spend your special day without them, so it’s important to show them how much they mean to you. 

Traditional Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Jewelry is as traditional as it gets for bridesmaid gift ideas. It’s simple and can coordinate with many different types of bridesmaid looks. 

It doesn’t get much better than an elegant bangle bracelet. With this Crystal Pave Bangle Bracelet from Anne Klein, your bridesmaids can add a pop of sparkle and style to their overall look. 

Crystal Pave Bangle Bracelet from Anne Klein

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Looking to keep it classic? A set of pearls is the perfect bridesmaid necklace gift, providing a touch of elegance for the ladies present on the big day. Anne Klein’s Clustered Faux Pearl and Crystal Necklace is the ideal statement piece for the night. 

Anne Klein’s Clustered Faux Pearl and Crystal Necklace

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You can complete the set with the matching bracelet to go the extra mile for elegance, too.

Clustered Faux Pearl and Crystal Stretch Bracelet

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A beautiful pair of earrings makes another great choice for a bridesmaid gift idea. But what about the bridesmaids without their ears pierced?

The Silver-Tone Crystal Pave Clip Earrings from Anne Klein provide all of the elegance of a traditional earring but feature a comfortable clip design. No need to worry about whether or not your bridesmaids have pierced ears. 

The Silver-Tone Crystal Pave Clip Earrings from Anne Klein

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If you want to take some of the guesswork out of coordinating accessories, a beautiful bridesmaid gift set can do the trick. This Tear Drop Pendant & Earring Pouch Set features a vibrant stone with elegant crystal detail to give your bridesmaids the perfect matching accessories on your wedding day. It also comes in two colorways: White and gold tone or blue and gold tone.

Tear Drop Pendant & Earring Pouch Set

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For a long-lasting gift even after the big day, get something symbolic and meaningful to commemorate your friendships with your bridesmaids. The Mother of Pearl Heart Necklace and Earring Set is the type of bridesmaid gift box that your bridesmaids will cherish forever. 

The Mother of Pearl Heart Necklace and Earring Set

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More Amazing Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaid gifts don’t always need to be jewelry. There’s room to think outside the box. 

How about a lovely brooch?

This Flower on Branch Brooch adds a touch of class and style to your bridesmaid’s outfit for the day. The flower-on-branch motif is modernized for springtime and brings a touch of femininity. 

 Flower on Branch Brooch

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What about when you want to truly go all out for your bridesmaids? 

A bracelet and watch set is what you need. The Rose Gold-Tone Watch and Bracelet Set helps layer up a look with coordinating, premium crystal-accented bracelets. This is a bridesmaid gift set that they’ll never forget.

Rose Gold-Tone Watch and Bracelet Set

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Coordinating with a cute pair of shoes is another great way to think outside the box when the big day comes.

Add a touch of comfortable sparkle to their feet with the Impress-C Kitten Mule. Lined with dazzling crystals, this is the perfect pair of shoes for your bridesmaids to make an elegant statement. 

Impress-C Kitten Mule

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Get All of the Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas From Anne Klein 

Whether you’re looking for jewelry, a gift set, or a lovely pair of coordinating shoes, Anne Klein has you covered. Check out our extensive collection of bridesmaid gift ideas and have your bridesmaids looking their best on your big day.