Stylish Satchel Bags for Autumn 2021

If it isn’t obvious enough, we love accessories. 

From  bold sunglasses to entire  fashion jewelry sets, there’s something for everyone when it comes to accessorizing and completing your ideal outfit. 

One accessory that’s seen its fair share of use over the years is the satchel bag. 

Although popular now as a fashion piece, the satchel bag didn’t exactly start out that way. 

Let’s dive into the history of the satchel bag and throw in some of our favorite styles for autumn 2021. 

History of Satchel Bags 

The satchel bag began its fashion journey as a functional piece. During ancient Roman times, they were used to carry various belongings, such as personal rations. 

However, things changed during the 17th century, when satchel bags were starting to be viewed as a fashion piece. During these times, the satchel bag was often carried by school-age children. This trend carried on through to the mid 20th century, where nearly every child wore a satchel bag to school. 

Since then, the satchel bag has come and gone as a fashion staple over the years. Now, with vintage looks becoming more prominent, the satchel bag is at an all-time high in popularity as a stylish accessory used to tie an outfit together. 

Best Satchel Bags for Autumn 2021

With autumn around the corner, the perfect satchel bag can be the final piece to complete your ideal outfit when the leaves begin to change color. 

Anne Klein carries a variety of satchel bags in different sizes, colors, and styles.

Here are some of our favorites.

Bonded Curved Satchel in Pale Pink 

With a structured shape, bridge magnet snap closure, and removable scarf, this bonded curved satchel bag helps to polish your look. Choose from multiple colorways. The bag also comes with traditional strap options for carrying ease. 

Bonded Curved Satchel


Scrunchie Satchel 

A more casual option, this satchel features beautiful braided detailing down the side and a comfortable crossbody strap. The satchel comes in a marble colorway and is sure to be a knockout with any outfit you pair it with. 

​​Scrunchie Satchel


Triple Compartment Satchel Tote Bag

Keep your essentials well-organizedand look stylish at the same time with this triple compartment satchel tote bag. A versatile accessory, our triple compartment bag is the perfect option while on duty or when you’re running errands. A 24” crossbody strap ensures that you’re always comfortable with your stylish handbag. 

Triple Compartment Satchel Tote Bag Anne Klein


Bonded Curved Satchel in Black

The bonded curved satchel in black provides a little extra formality to your look. The bag comes with a convenient bridge magnet snap closure and traditional strap options for carrying ease. Whether you’re out on the town or heading to a big meeting, this bag delivers. 

Bonded Curved Satchel Black Anne Klein


Satchel Bags Are the Perfect Stylish-Yet-Functional Accessory

Accessories are the perfect way to give your outfits a little something extra. Whether you decide on a subtle necklace or a statement-making piece, accessories are a crucial tie-in for any outfit. 

What makes the satchel bag such an attractive option is that it provides equal parts functionality and style. 

Don’t wait too long. Grab one of these Anne Klein favorites and enter autumn 2021 with the perfect satchel bag!