The Best Wrap Tops and Wrap Dresses

It’s no secret that the wrap dress has become an iconic, timeless article of clothing. Similar to a perfect-fitting pair of jeans or a classic white t-shirt, the wrap dress is a must-have piece that all women should have handy in their wardrobe. Even after being around for nearly a hundred years, it simply hasn’t gone out of style. 

Wrap dresses for work are a common sight as well. They’ve quickly become a favorite amongst busy women who wish to remain comfortable, yet stylish throughout their busy workdays. The wrap dress can be used to make a more formal statement on days where it might be necessary to appear more polished, such as an important client meeting or even a job interview. 

Their versatility can’t be understated either. Mix up your footwear with boots or pumps. Choose from a few different lengths. Try out various colors. The possibilities are endless. 

To help you choose the best wrap dresses and wrap tops for work, here are 5 of our favorite Anne Klein choices:

All Black Faux Wrap Dress 

Black tends to be a safe pick for a dress. It’s a color that pairs well with basically anything else in your wardrobe. This black wrap dress is a figure-flattering choice for any occasion, from office to off-duty. The sheer versatility of the black color way makes it one of the better wrap dresses for work. Pair it with a beautiful herringbone chain necklace to elevate the look even further. 

Anne Klein Faux wrap dress

Pick up this classic black wrap dress for $99.00. 

Dot Print Faux Wrap Dress 

Wrap dresses for work don’t need to be solid black. Similar to the all-black yet different enough to mix it up, the dot print on this piece makes it one of the more unique wrap dresses for work. Instead of a traditional white, the “Anne White” color in the dot print depicts a softer cream hue that compliments a wider variety of skin tones. 

Anne Klein dot print wrap dress

Get the dot print wrap dress for $99.00. 

Printed Classic Wrap Dress 

Looking for something a little bolder? This Printed Classic Wrap Dress will do the trick. This wrap dress allows you to wear a slightly more exciting piece while maintaining an elegant, formal look perfect for the working woman. To complete the look, go with a pair ofclassic block heel sandals. 

Get this fun wrap dress for just $99. 

Koney Wrap Top

This wrap top offers a fun spin on the classic wrap dress. The shorter length allows it to be worn with different bottoms to create a fun look for work, or as a layering piece to complement an outfit. The flattering silhouette also makes this one of the best wrap tops for work. 

This Koney Wrap Top can be picked up for $59.50. Anne Klein Koney Wrap Top


At the end of the day, wrap dresses and tops make for great additions to any woman’s work wardrobe. They’re versatile, comfortable, and still manage to project a formal image for those important work-related events. With these four options in mind, be sure to pick one up to add to your work or casual wardrobe. You won’t regret it.