Back to Work Fashion - What’s In and What’s Out?

It feels like it's been forever since working in the office was the norm.

When the pandemic took hold and working from home became a necessity, many of us have switched from our formal clothing to more casual, comfortable outfits. 

As we move back into the office, we’ll be heading back to stylish, formal workwear.

However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to stay comfortable.

In fact, times have changed when it comes to back-to-work fashion. Comfortable yet professional outfits are in. Sure, looking stylish is important. But to do your best work, being comfortable is crucial.

The question is:  How can you achieve this look now that it’s time to head back into the office?

Here’s what you need to know about back-to-work fashion.

The Dress is Still a Staple

Dresses have always been a go-to for women in the office. They exude confidence, power, and unparalleled style. 

The problem is that many women have gravitated away from dresses toward more comfortable at-home outfits. 

Here’s the thing, though. You can wear a stylish dressand stay comfortable at work. Look no further than the drawstring dress.

Drawstring dresses are a must-have for the new hybrid work week. They allow a great range of free movement while highlighting your silhouette regardless of your shape or size. 

This Drawstring Shirt Dress from Anne Klein is a perfect example of a stylish dress allowing full freedom of movement and comfort:

Anne Klein Striped Drawstring Shirt Dress

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Comfortable Shoes Are a Must-Have

Do you leave your shoes at the office but still want to commute in style? Do you wear the shoes you want to wear to work all day?

No matter which team you’re on, a comfortable pair of shoes for work is absolutely necessary. And we’ve got you covered.

The Carlie Flat can be a comfortable commuter for those who leave their shoes at work. They’re also stylish enough on their own to work both ways. 

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However, we totally understand that some back to work outfits just need a pump. In that case, the Castana Pump is the ideal option. Featuring a block heel with iFlex technology for all-day comfort, this is the pump that every woman needs in their closet. 

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Did someone say cute commuters? It’s hard to beat this On The Move Ankle Sneaker for your commute to work. 

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Don’t Forget the Accessories

You know how we feel about accessories. They’re the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit. 

We love the sheer amount of options as well, from jewelry to eyewear and beyond.

For us, nothing lifts an outfit quite like a stylish pair ofoversized sunglasses. These Geometric Sunglasses from Anne Klein are all about making a bold statement with your eyewear, and allow you to commute with a bit of privacy:

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Earrings are another accessory that can help put the finishing touches on a back to work outfit. When thinking casual, easy, and well put together, these Mini Hoop Gold-Tone Earrings are the solution:

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Back to Work Fashion is Comfort and Style Rolled Into One

It’s simple. Rigid, constricting outfits are out, and comfortable style is in. Once we head back to the office, we need outfits that allow us not only to look our best, butfeel our best as well. 

These options from Anne Klein let you take your back to work fashion to the next level. From drawstring dresses to elevating accessories, your options are nearly endless.

Achieve that comfortable-yet-stylish look in the office with Anne Klein!