What Can I Pair With a Minimalist Watch?

Accessories give you the opportunity to elevate your outfit in different ways. 

You can choose to go bold and make a statement. There’s nothing quite like a pair of  oversized sunglasses to add some fun to your outfit. 

You can also keep it subtle. The right accessories can also provide some subtle flair without taking away from the overall outfit. 

For this scenario, we love minimalist watches. 

Minimalist watches are simple-yet-elegant watches. Their designs last a lifetime, and they can be paired with almost any outfit and help express your true style and personality through the ages.

To demonstrate just how versatile these minimalist watches are, we’ll provide an option from Anne Klein and highlight some tops that pair well with it. 

Styling a Minimalist Watch

We’ll use the Minimalist Bracelet Watch in rose gold and green as an example. With a classic and clean silhouette, this watch is as versatile as it is stylish and pairs well with any outfit. 

Rose Gold and Green Anne Klein Watch

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We’ve got two different color schemes to highlight: Neutral and Greyscale


Neutral colors are a great way to show off your minimalist style, and they’re the perfect match for your minimalist watch. 

When you’re looking for a neutral cardigan to pair with feminine watches, look no further than the Classic Crew Twofer Cardigan from Anne Klein. The “Anne White” hue flatters a variety of skin tones by depicting a soft cream hue. Combine this with a minimalist watch for a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Anne Klein White Cardigan

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Women’s gold watches work well with a chic trench coat as well. Take this Nehru Collar Cascade Trench, for example. This trench coat completes the ideal outfit for both the office and a night out with the girls. 

Anne Klein Cropped Trench Jacket

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Another popular color scheme for unmatched minimalist style is greyscale. We’ve got a couple of options for you here. 

Cocoon wraps speak for themselves, but a true minimalist watch pairs seamlessly with one of these Zaylee Cocoon Wraps from Anne Klein—a great option to layer over a pair of jeans or throw on in the office.

Anne Klein Model in Grey Cardigan

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For those seeking comfort and style in one package, the Azariah Dress is made for you. It’s great for hot days on the go and puts the finishing touches on a dream outfit combined with your minimalist watch.

Anne Klein Grey Dress

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Show Off Classic and Timeless Style with Minimalist Watches from Anne Klein

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple with your accessory choices. Sometimes all your outfit needs is a subtle touch to bring it to the next level.

A minimalist watch gives you the extra lift that you want. Not only do you get a classic and timeless watch, but it also pairs with everything else in a minimalist wardrobe (and other outfits as well!)

Look no further than Anne Klein for your next minimalist watch. Shop our collection today!

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