Everything You Need to Know About Solar-Powered Watches

Watches are some of our favorite accessories. They offer functionality and style in the same package.

There areso many styles of watch out there. However, for those who want a low-maintenance, eco-friendly, fashionable timepiece, look no further than a solar-powered watch.

Anne Klein’s solar-powered watches can set you apart from the crowd with unique designs. Whether you want a bold round face with a beautifully accented bracelet or a sleek mesh bracelet, Anne Klein has the watch for you.

Before we dive into some of our favorites, let’s look at the pros and cons of solar-powered watches. 

Benefits of Solar Powered Watches 

It reduces your environmental impact

The disposable batteries used in other watches typically end up in landfills, leaching chemicals and contributing to more environmental pollution. For the environmentally conscious, this simply won’t do.

Solar-powered watches drastically reduce the need to continuously swap batteries. By choosing a solar-powered watch, you’re choosing a timepiece option that helps reduce your environmental impact and footprint. 

The batteries last a long time

Speaking of batteries, typical watch batteries often only last a maximum of 2 years before they need to be replaced (and end up in a landfill). 

With a solar-powered watch, the battery can last 10 years or more in some cases. It may only be a moderate amount of savings in the long run, but it can be annoying going to get your watch battery replaced every couple of years. A solar-powered watch helps you avoid inconvenience. 

The power reserve on a solar-powered watch can also last several months after light exposure, although this will vary from model to model. For example, Anne Klein’s solar-powered watches have a power reserve of 4 months.

They’re low maintenance

A solar-powered watch functions by being exposed to light, meaning that they’re low maintenance. Compare this to other types of watches, such as a manual wind watch which requires regular winding, and you’ll notice that it’s far less trouble to use a solar-powered watch as your main timepiece.

Downsides to Solar-Powered Watches

They can be more expensive 

A solar-powered watchcan be more expensive than its disposable battery counterpart.

However, these days, it’s easier than ever to be a fashionista who cares about the environment.

Anne Klein, for example, has a wide range of affordable solar-powered watches that will have you looking your best. 

Solar-powered smartwatches aren’t the norm

For those who prefer using smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch or any other competitor, you won’t have much luck finding solar-powered smartwatches. Theydo exist, but they tend to be extremely pricey and lack a lot of the functionality that alternative smartwatches have.

Anne Klein Has a Diverse Selection of Solar-Powered Watches 

Anne Klein’s women’s watches collection offers true variety—even when it comes to solar-powered watches. We’ve got all sorts of styles in stock to suit your individual tastes. 

This Considered Solar Powered Mesh Watch exudes luxurious style with a sleek mesh bracelet, mother of pearl dial, and premium crystal-accented hour markers:

Anne Klein mesh bracelet solar powered watch

Pick this one up from Anne Klein for $110.00. 

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Looking for a more traditional metal bracelet? This Considered Solar Powered Watch combines a classic bracelet with a colorful face for unparalleled style. 

Anne Klein Metal link bracelet solar powered watch

Pick up this watch for $95.00.

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If you prefer a leather strap, we’ve got you covered there as well. This Considered Solar Apple Peel Leather Watch pairs well with just about any outfit and features a luxurious mother of pearl dial.

Anne Klein Apple Peel leather solar powered watch

This leather strap watch is available for $95.00.

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Solar-Powered Watches Are Stylish And Environmentally Conscious

Choosing a solar-powered watch doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style.

With Anne Klein, it’s the opposite. Our solar-powered watch collection is filled with stylish watch options that can provide you with a subtle boost to an outfit or a statement-making accessory.

Shop our collection of solar-powered watches today!

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