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There’s no question about it: we love the versatility of fashion  jewelry sets.

The right pieces can take your outfits to the next level—and add to your confidence when you need it most. The opposite is also true: the wrong jewelry can tarnish an otherwise dazzling impression.

Here’s the thing: You’ve got  so  many  different options to choose from that it can be frustrating to stay on trend. Which jewelry should you be wearing, when? How can you tell the difference between types of jewelry to dress for the occasion?

Below, we’ll cover the different types of fashion jewelry you have at your disposal to accessorize and look your best. But first, let’s talk about the important distinction between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry.

Fashion vs. Fine: What’s the Difference?

In most cases, you have two primary types of jewelry: Fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. 

Fine jewelry is typically crafted from various precious metals, including gold, platinum, and silver. Fine jewelry also incorporates genuine gems (or even  lab-grown stones) such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. Because of this, fine jewelry carries a higher price tag—and should be handled with the utmost care when wearing or cleaning.

Conversely, fashion jewelry is made using different base metals and simulated stones. For example, many fashion jewelry pieces are made with aluminum, brass, or copper. Fashion jewelry sells at far lower prices, making it much more accessible for those who want to accessorize and look their best at any budget.

Compared carat by carat, a synthetic stone like cubic zirconia typically costs about $20 when cut and polished. Lab-grown diamonds will cost you anywhere from $800 to $1,600 per carat, and mined diamonds take the cake at $6,000 or more.

Although fashion jewelry doesn’t use precious metals or stones, it remains a viable option for accessorizing. Fashion jewelry can be used to elevate any outfit, from casual pieces to formal wear—all at a reasonable price point.

Types of Fashion Jewelry

Once you know the distinctions between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, you’re ready to build your jewelry collection with the right pieces at the right time.

Here are some of the most recognizable types of fashion jewelry to get you started.


Earrings are often considered one of the most basic pieces of fashion jewelry—but we think it can set the tone of an entire look.

With the right pair of earrings, you can stand out from the crowd—whether it’s a subtle pair that highlights your inherent beauty or a statement-making piece designed to turn heads.

Model wearing Anne Klein's Gold-Tone Folded Earrings

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We love the elegant statement made with these Gold-Tone Folded Earrings. They fit right in at the office if you want to have a powerful presence without needing flashy stones or distractions.

For those who don’t have pierced ears, don’t worry:  clip-on earring options have been in vogue since the 1800s. Plus, access to new clip-on styles is growing all the time, so there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.

Model wearing Anne Klein's Twisted Double Drop Clip Earrings

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Need to add elegance to a low-cut look? These Twisted Double Drop Clip Earrings highlight your neckline and jaw without requiring pierced ears. These twist earrings are also a great choice for weddings that won’t outshine the bride.


Is there a more iconic look than a black dress paired with beautiful pearls? We think film icons like Audrey Hepburn had the right idea with this stunning combination.

Necklaces are so much more than a formal accessory, though. You can use a necklace to enhance any outfit, from your favorite dress down to a classic tee and jeans.

For an Audrey-inspired look, go big and bold with the Faux Pearl Torsade Multi Row Necklace:

Anne Klein's Faux Pearl Torsade Multi Row Necklace

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If you prefer a more relaxed look, the Faux Pearl Heart Toggle Necklace is our go-to pick:

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Who says that style and comfort don’t mix? Fashion is all about confidence: it’s designed to help you tell your unique story.


Bracelets  are another piece of fashion jewelry that has a rich history: One of the oldest bracelets ever discovered is believed to date back over 40,000 years. Even as materials and tastes change over time, bracelets continue to provide a creative outlet for expression and personal style.

To add some character, texture, and bold energy to your jewelry sets, we love the Mesh Bangle Set that comes with its own gift box:

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Why not show off your  big brooch energy? In the grand scheme of accessories and fashion jewelry, brooches are often overlooked.

Some may think that a brooch is a piece that they’d only see their grandmother wearing, but we completely disagree. An elegant brooch can elevate your outfit to the next level, whether it’s worn on your lapel or in your hair. Alternatively, a collection of brooches on denim can make a fierce and fun statement.

Brooches have become an extension of personal style and are making a serious comeback. Don’t be afraid to wear more than one at a time—especially if you’re outside of the office.


Rings are one of the most fundamental pieces of fashion jewelry.

While a ring made from precious metals is always a fantastic piece to have, you can layer and stack fashion rings to create your own style story more easily than you can with more expensive pieces.

In some cases, it can even be considered a fashion faux pas to wear your diamonds during the day. This is where fashion jewelry steps in brilliantly. Creating chic ring combinations on your fingers is a fun way to express yourself while you’re shopping or out for drinks, without worrying about the risks of theft or  an expensive loss.

However, the most important thing to consider when choosing a ring or ring combination is how confident you are while wearing it.

When You Want to Start Simply, Choose a Jewelry Set

If you want to begin building a collection of fun and functional fashion jewelry, a jewelry set is a great place to start. Many sets are also themed around a particular color or sense of style to make coordination even easier.

From stylish bracelets to unique necklaces, Anne Klein has the accessories you need to upgrade any outfit! Get started by viewing our collection to find your new favorites.

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