What to Wear to a Wedding - Formal, Semi-Formal, & Casual

With the Respect for Marriage Act being passed recently, we’ve been inspired to provide some of our favorite fits for weddings—no matter who is getting married! 

Here’s the thing: It’s essential to understand the different types of wedding dress codes and what you should be wearing for each one. 

Aside from any special themed weddings, you’ve got three types of dress codes:

  1. Formal weddings

  2. Semi-formal weddings

  3. Casual weddings

Below, we’ll highlight some of our favorite dresses and accessories for each type of wedding, along with some pieces to wear over your dress. 

What to Wear to a Formal Wedding

Formal weddings are typically where you’ll have the least amount of leeway with your attire—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your outfit and look your best. 

At a formal wedding, you’ll want to stick to floor-length gowns. Basic colors (except for white!) work great here and help you avoid upstaging the bride. However, if you want to stand out just a little bit, a fun dress like this Twist Neck Halter Maxi is a great option. The combination of a unique design featuring Anne Black and Chestnut colors with a twist neck adds a touch of elegance to the recommended floor-length dress.

 Twist Neck Halter Maxi

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Weddings are also the perfect place to show off your favorite accessories—for example, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can all take your outfit from good to great with ease.

At a formal wedding, there’s not much we love more than a classy set of pearls. They add a touch of elegance to your outfit and will have you turning heads—just not as much as the bride!

How about pearls and crystals? This Pearl Collar Necklace With Crystals from Anne Klein mixes clustered pearls with crystal accents to take your look to the next level. 

 Pearl Collar Necklace With Crystals from Anne Klein

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If you want to look your best at a formal wedding, the combination of a floor-length gown and elegant accessories, like a pearl necklace, can get you there. 

What to Wear to a Semi-Formal Wedding

Semi-formal weddings allow you to loosen up your outfits a little bit while still looking put together. A common example is wearing a shorter dress, opening up your dress options to cocktail dresses and even smart suits. 

At a semi-formal wedding, you can never go wrong with a black dress. It might be cliche for every woman to own a “little black dress,” but there’s a good reason why—it’s a classic, and it works

This Serenity Knit Tank Dress from Anne Klein keeps it simple-yet-stylish—it features a functional belt that helps create a figure-flattering silhouette that we know you’ll love!

 Serenity Knit Tank Dress

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It doesn’t always have to be black, either—if you want to mix it up with lighter colors or patterns, go for it!

Like this Tie Neck Halter Midi Dress, for example. Coming in a classy mix of Rose Clay and Chestnut Multi colors, this dress is both smooth and sophisticated, making it perfect for a semi-formal wedding. 

Tie Neck Halter Midi Dress 

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Semi-formal weddings still have you looking put together, but they allow you to shorten up the dresses and open up your options to more fun outfits. Both of these dress options are must-haves for wedding season this year. 

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding

Casual weddings are where you can really have some fun. Almost all of the restrictions on what you can wear are gone, though you’ll still want to look nice even without the pressure of dressing more formally. 

And what’s more fun than a floral print?

The O-Ring Halter dress is the perfect example of a more casual dress that has you looking nice without being too formal. The dress features a simplistic yet timeless silhouette with a unique floral print that we love so much!

 The O-Ring Halter dress

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If you prefer more mute tones, we have the answer there, too—this Dot Print Faux Wrap Dress is one of our favorites, with a unique polka dot pattern in black and white. 

 Dot Print Faux Wrap Dress

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There's also a high level of freedom for accessories at a casual wedding. For example, Apple Watch owners may enjoy sporting a classy Apple Watch band to a casual wedding.

What to Wear Over a Dress to a Wedding

Evenings at outdoor weddings can sometimes get a little chilly. In those situations, it’s always nice to have something to layer over the top of your dress.

It’s also an opportunity to add some more style to your outfit at the same time. 

The Anne Klein Wide Collar Kissing Coat is a great place to start. The combination of a kissing front closure, ¾ sleeve design, and wide lapels make this a staple piece for making a statement at a wedding. 

Who doesn’t love the Vicuna color, either?

 The Anne Klein Wide Collar Kissing Coat

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Even as a wedding guest, we know that you want to look your best. Anne Klein has dresses and accessories for every wedding dress code, from formal to casual. 

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