6 Reasons to Love Brand Ambassadors Kate Upton and Kendra Bailey

At Anne Klein, we’re here for women who are hard at work at home or in the office. You're determined to do it all, and do it with style.

And that’s why we put so much love into the versatility and elegance of the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, giving you the perfect touch of glam with this season’s woven bags, bold jewelry, metallic sandals, and our new, feminine take on sneakers.

It’s a collection designed for the everyday needs of you: The modern, confident, and multi-hyphenated woman.

And, when it comes to confident multihyphenates, we can think of no one better to showcase the collection than our new brand ambassadors, Kate Upton and Kendra Bailey.

Why are we such fans of these trailblazers?

Here are just a few reasons why we love Kate and Kendra – and why you will too!

Pioneering Spirits

Not only is Kate a celebrated supermodel and actress (who showcased her acting chops in hit films like "The Other Woman" next to Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann), but she’s also an entrepreneur.

Kate’s entrepreneurial endeavors include co-founding the Strong4Me Fitness program, and, recently, she became a Co-Owner of Vosa Spirits, a pioneering ready-to-drink cocktail brand.

In addition to social media stardom, Kendra has even more goals to conquer. She is pursuing acting and voice-over ambitions, currently taking classes to study the craft of acting.

A Focus on Family

Despite their many creative and business ventures, nothing will stop Kate and Kendra from keeping family as their biggest priority.

Kate is mom to five-year-old Genevieve, while Kendra’s daughter recently turned four.

And, as Kendra shares, there’s nothing like the joy of motherhood:

“Having a kid and them experiencing everything that you’ve experienced time and time again, being so exciting to them, just kind of brings a new shine to the world...My daughter will look up and see a plane and I’m like, ‘You know what, that is kind of crazy! What is that thing doing up there?’ But it just brings more light to the mundane, which I love.”

Industry Advocates

There’s no denying Kate’s supermodel status. Not only has she graced the covers of Vanity Fair, Elle, and Vogue (in Italy, America, and Britain), her editorials include Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour (to name a few!).

And she’s using that influence to make a difference as an outspoken advocate for body inclusivity in the fashion industry, taking a stance that every woman needs to be represented.

An avid philanthropist, her advocacy goes beyond the fashion industry, helping us all feel emboldened and empowered:

“I’m proud to partner with Anne Klein, a brand committed to empowering women and giving back through community causes,” Kate shares.

Not only were her efforts recognized by Global Citizen during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, she’s also an animal rights supporter.

In fact, it was her love of animals that got Kate started in the industry. Her career as a competitive horseback rider is where she was scouted by modeling agencies. Today, her four-legged friends remain part of her family and career.

Kendra focuses her advocacy on inclusivity and sustainability:

“In my home, we practice a lot of recycling and keeping the world clean...we buy a lot of sustainable products and try our best to keep the earth as healthy as we possibly can,” she shares.

Influencers with Authenticity

Whoever said “beauty is pain” never knew the joy of shopping at Anne Klein.

Take it from Kendra, who shares why she’s a fan of the brand: “Anne Klein resonates with me because comfort and style are really high on my list. I’m all for everything the brand represents - being authentic and showing that you can be more than one thing and dress the part.”

Kate, who reminds us “perfection should not be the goal,” is even willing to show her authentic self on camera, having posed for a Health magazine unretouched photoshoot.

Always Up for Some Fun

Whether you’re juggling the responsibilities of work, family, or you’re a true superhero doing it all, we all need to take a break and have some fun.

In Kate’s family fun can take the form of movie nights, trips to the climbing gym, or simply stopping to enjoy the sunset.

Kendra also enjoys watching cartoons with her daughter and has a love of art museums and traveling.

A Resilient Spirit

As both Kate and Kendra can attest, no one gets to superstar status without plenty of grit and tenacity.

Think Kendra’s modeling career fell in her lap? Think again.

As she shares, “I started modeling when I was a fourth grader. And then I actually didn’t even get assigned to a modeling agency until after I had a baby. It was a long process, lots of ‘no’s’.”

Kendra goes on to remind us, “One ‘no’ doesn’t mean there’s never gonna be a ‘yes'…don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable.”

Shop the Collection as Versatile as You

From advocacy and entrepreneurship to family and fun, Kate and Kendra remind us how to live life with grace, style, and care for others.

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