Anne Klein x Oceanworks - A Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

At Anne Klein, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact. 

From our Considered Collection to our solar powered watches, we’ve taken steps towards providing stylish accessories and products that also minimize our carbon footprint.

Ourpartnership with Oceanworks takes this movement one step further. 

Oceanworks partners with local entrepreneurs to gather any plastic waste that is headed to the ocean. Once the plastic waste is gathered, it’s turned into pebbles which can be used to make new products—such as our line of recycled ocean plastic watches.

Before we highlight some of our favorites, let’s take a look at the importance of sustainable fashion practices. 

Why Sustainable Fashion?

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is a sizable contributor to the destruction of our environment. Fast fashion brands producing poor quality clothing for come and go fashion trends that they themselves promote are one of the main culprits.

One study found that the fashion industry was responsible for 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 alone.

Sustainable fashion aims to reduce our impact on the environment and combat the irresponsible fast fashion tactics used by certain brands out there.

But what does sustainable fashion actually mean?

Sustainable fashion is a combination of the products, processes, and activities used by brands and consumers to push the fashion industry forward into carbon neutrality. Sustainable fashion processes also take into account equality, the welfare of animals, social justice, ecological integrity, and other important global causes related to the fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion helps the fashion industry reduce its carbon footprint in several different ways. For example, by using more biodegradable materials from natural or recycled fabrics, sustainable fashion practices help reduce C02 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

The movement helps to save water as well. With the fashion industry being one of the largest water consumers in the world, sustainable fashion implements water conservation policies to limit the amount of water used to wash, manufacture, and dye garments. 

Ocean Plastics Watches from Anne Klein

Through our partnership with Oceanworks, we’ve not only been able to do our part to help save the oceans, but we’ve also managed to create a stylish collection of beautiful watches. 

Our ocean plastics watches can be paired with any outfit from your wardrobe. Whether you prefer neutral tones or accent colors, our collection has multiple styles to suit any personal style or aesthetic.

For example, our white and gold tone Ocean Plastic Bracelet Watch is perfect for the woman who prefers a neutral color palette. This watch will pair nicely with anything you’ve got in your wardrobe, from casual get ups to formal attire. 

Anne Klein x Oceanworks Considered Ocean Plastic Bracelet Watch

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Do you prefer making bold statements with your watches? If so, nothing beats this yellow and silver Ocean Plastic Strap Watch. This one is sure to turn some heads.

Anne Klein Considered Solar Recycled Ocean Plastic Strap Watch

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With these two options (and several other colorways), you’re sure to find your ideal timepiece in Anne Klein’s ocean plastics watch collection.

Protect Our Oceans and Turn Heads With Anne Klein’s Ocean Plastic Watches

Choosing sustainable fashion doesn’t mean that you need to skimp out on style—in fact, it often means the opposite. 

Our partnership with Oceanworks is the proof. Anne Klein’s ocean plastic watches exude effortless style and add the perfect amount of flair to any outfit. When you choose one of these watches, you’re also choosing to do your part towards the protection of our oceans.

Don’t wait. Get your new sustainable fashion timepiece today!