How to Rock a White Blazer: Tips and Ideas for Women

Nothing gives you more stylish outfit options than jackets for layering.

You have a wide range of options to go with—leather jackets for edgy outfits, puffer jackets when the temperature becomes unbearable, and blazers for the boardroom.

One option we believe that every woman should have in their wardrobe is a white blazer.

Below, we’ll get into some options to pair with a classy white blazer—tops, bottoms, and accessories. But first, let’s dive into some basic rules for white blazer outfits. 

Basic Rules For Wearing a White Blazer

One of the best parts about fashion is that rules are meant to be broken. If you have an outfit combination that goes against conventional fashion rules, own it! No one will stop you from feeling confident in what you’re wearing.

However, the rules of fashion are a good place to start when you don’t know where to start.

With a white blazer, the most important rule is fit—a well-fitted blazer is essential for a flattering and feminine look. Ensure that the blazer fits properly in the shoulders, sleeves, and torso. It should not be too tight or too loose, and it should be able to close without pulling at the buttons. There are looser fitting blazers, but for a more professional look, you’ll want to make sure that it fits snugly but not too tight.

You can wear a white blazer for all different occasions—they’re one of the most versatile pieces! You can create casual outfits, summer outfits, or look crisp for an important meeting. The choice is yours.

What Types of Tops and Bottoms Can You Wear With a White Blazer?

The items you pair with your white blazer are just as important as the blazer itself. 

Luckily, since a white blazer is such a versatile piece, you’ve got options—casual with a tee or more formal with a blouse and matching pants.

Here are some ideas from Anne Klein.


Your favorite tee

You can never go wrong by pairing your white blazer with your favorite t-shirt! 

White blazers work wonders for elevating your casual wardrobe. By layering it over a classic tee, you’ll take your casual t-shirt outfit from good to fantastic with one simple change. 

For a classic tee to pair with your white blazer, we recommend the Short Puff Sleeve Crew Neck With Stripes. It’s a notch above a casual t-shirt, with a unique pattern and elbow-length sleeves.

Short Puff Sleeve Crew Neck With Stripes

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To kick it up a notch, go with a classy pair of blue jeans for the ensemble—more on that later, though. 

A comfortable tank top

Looking for a go-to summery look with your white blazer? Look no further than the comfiest tank top in your wardrobe.

Nothing says comfort like a tank top—when you layer your white blazer, you take it up a notch to meet dress codes anywhere.

If you need to refresh your tank collection, no problem. We love this V Neck Mesh Tank Top from Anne Klein—the ideal piece to layer underneath your white blazer.

V Neck Mesh Tank Top from Anne Klein

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A classy blouse

As we said, white blazers are an amazing foundation for classy and chic formal outfits for the office. 

If you want an outfit like this, you’ll want a stylish blouse to layer underneath. 

Anne Klein’s Sleeveless Pleated Shoulder Blouse is the ideal choice—layering a white blazer over this gorgeous black blouse gives you a unique white and black look that’ll make you look your best. 

Anne Klein’s Sleeveless Pleated Shoulder Blouse

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A trusty pair of denim

Take your favorite tee, layer a white blazer on top, and throw on a stylish pair of blue denim—now you have a go-to casual outfit for any occasion.

Just like the white blazer itself, your favorite pair of jeans can be used as a versatile piece for different outfits. 

Go with a lighter blue for casual occasions. Or, if you prefer a dressier outfit, darker denim pairs equally well and gives you another option for the office. 

Classy trousers

The classic white blazer outfit for the office involves a pair of stylish trousers.

You’ve got two options: You can go with a slimmer pair, like these Stretch Pleat Hollywood Waist Slim Ankle Pants from Anne Klein:

Stretch Pleat Hollywood Waist Slim Ankle Pants from Anne Klein

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Or, channel a bit of retro while staying on trend with a looser fit, like the Cotton Double Weave Bowie Pant:

Cotton Double Weave Bowie Pant


Either way, you have a white blazer outfit tailor-made for any occasion—the office, a dinner party, or any other formal event where you want to look your best. 

A chic skirt

Nothing gives you a more elegant and feminine look than pairing your white blazer with a chic skirt. 

You have options here, too. You can go with a simple skirt for a classic look, like the Solid Pull On Pleated Skirt:

Solid Pull On Pleated Skirt

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Or you could choose a patterned skirt and go for a bold, statement-making outfit, like this Polka Dot Chiffron Pull On Pleated Skirt:

Polka Dot Chiffron Pull On Pleated Skirt

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No matter which one you choose, you’ll end up with a go-to outfit for several occasions.



A necklace is the quintessential accessory for any white blazer outfit—they give you so many options, too!

Nothing pairs with your white blazer better than a subtle necklace—for example, this Multirow Pendant Necklace from Anne Klein. It adds to your outfit without taking too much attention away from the main attraction. 

Multirow Pendant Necklace from Anne Klein

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Watches are the ultimate “function-meets-fashion” piece—they let you remain punctual while taking your looks to the next level.

We think a white and gold watch would work best with your favorite white blazer. If you need a new one, let’s go with the Considered Solar Recycled Ocean Plastic Bracelet Watch. As a part of our Considered collection, it’s made from sustainable materials and is a great step toward protecting the environment. It’s solar-powered, too! 

Considered Solar Recycled Ocean Plastic Bracelet Watch

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Apple watch owners can jazz up their functional timepiece with a stylish Apple Watch band, too. This Consider It Plastic Link Bracelet is perfect for those who want to sport their Apple Watches with a white blazer.

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When the sunlight is just too strong, you’ll want to reach for a stylish pair of shades. 

Good news: Sunglasses pair perfectly with your white blazer outfits!

For this one, let’s go with the Crystal Cat-Eye Braided Sunglasses—they offer bold styling and an uplifting cat-eye shape that we know you’ll love. 

Crystal Cat-Eye Braided Sunglasses

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